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> Here are a few ideas for questions for the new FAQ.
> 1.  Can I use brushes from other software such as Photo Shop or Paint
>     Shop Pro with the GIMP?

Not that I'm aware of.  I know you can't drop those brush files into GIMP's
brush directories and have them "just work."  If a file plug-in exists that
can read those brush files then you will be able to read them in and then
save them into GIMP's native brush file format.  But I don't know of any
brush file plug-ins for other application's brushes.

> 2.  How can I ensure that certain of the GIMP's windows, for instance
>     the Levels or Crop and Resize Information windows, always open in
>     the same position on screen?

In short, you probably can't.  You *might* be able to do so if 
1. the developers gave each window a special name of its own and
2. your window manager allows you to save position information about those
specially named windows.

If #1 is true (and I don't know that it is), then in Sawfish (which is
commonly used as the GNOME window manager) you can click on the title bar
of a window (I think it's a right button click) to get a menu.  At the
bottom of that menu you have the option of choosing History information to
be saved, such as position and geometry of a window.  Select "Save
position".  That *might* work.  But no promises.  Other window managers may
offer similar features, but many do not.  Caveat gimper.

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