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> > 1.  Can I use brushes from other software such as Photo Shop or Paint
> >     Shop Pro with the GIMP?
> Not that I'm aware of.  I know you can't drop those brush files into GIMP's
> brush directories and have them "just work."  If a file plug-in exists that
> can read those brush files then you will be able to read them in and then
> save them into GIMP's native brush file format.  But I don't know of any
> brush file plug-ins for other application's brushes.

Actually I know the answer to this one, but thought that it would be a
good question to include in the FAQ.  I was planning to offer the answer
when the call for answers came up.

There is a utility called abr2gbr that can convert the brush files used
by Photoshop and Paintshop Pro to the GIMP brush file format.  There are
two different formats (versions 1 & 2) of Photoshop brush files
(Paintshop Pro brushes match the earlier format) and the utility can
only convert the earlier type.  I think that the version 2 format was
introduced with a later version of Photoshop, possibly 5 or 6 but the
author of abr2gbr says that the format is not known so he has not been
able to cater for it.

For more info and to download the converter see
Steve Crane
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