> When I open files stored on a Photo CD scanned by a Fuji Frontier, the
> following GIMP Message appears:
> "Image resolution is out of bounds, using the default resolution
> instead."
> I'm new to Gimp, but don't find any reference to this message in my
> Grokking the Gimp text. I've just picked up 5x7" Frontier prints made
> from Gimp'd .jpg files and they look fine to my eyes -- in spite of the
> resolution message.
> Can anyone point me to what it's about?

Resolution is not the number of pixels, but rather the size of the
pixels.  The usual unit of measurement is dots per inch (dpi).

When the Gimp is opening a TIFF or JPEG file it reads the tag inside the
file that specifies the resolution.  If the value doesn't make enough
sense, the "Image resolution is out of bounds" message is output.
In v1.2.3 the following definitions are used:

        #define GIMP_MIN_RESOLUTION  5e-3
        #define GIMP_MAX_RESOLUTION  65536.0

It would be interesting to know what the value was that it didn't like,
but in the end it doesn't matter.  You're probably going to change the
dpi before you print it anyway...

The image data is not affected by this condition - if your pictures
look ok then they probably are.
David Burren
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