Thus spake  Marc A. Lehmann  ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> The striking majority of browsers, not only IE on Windows. And PNG can't
> do animations, which are very important. So GIF will need to stay around
> for some time :(
Please follow my lead and list some specific browsers that do not
support png quite well. Other than IE, konqueror is the worst in my
experience, and it does 32 bit RGBA perfectly. Mac IE, konqueror,
mozilla (thus Netscape 6+ and all mozilla based browsers such as
phoenix, k-meleon, galeon, and chimera), and Opera 6.0+ all do png
very well. I will admit that IE on Windows represents a majority of
internet users, imagine how fast Microsoft will comply with the W3C
standard if their users start missing out on content. Use png
becuase it is better and not encumbered. Microsoft will only change
if the must. I don't think, however, you can claim that one browser
on one platform (ok, two, but how many HP-UX IE users are there?)
constitutes "the striking majority of browsers". Name me some names
if you want to have a discussion, because you think other browsers
can't do it doesn't mean they can't, get the facts here: and test YOUR browser

Also note that what is broken in IE for Windows is TRUE ALPHA
TRANSPARENCY. GIF doesn't even DO true alpha transparency. 

Now that I've made a complete arse of myself, I'm booting windows to
look at these pages in IE and see how bad they are. 

Ok, you have me on animation. MNG support isn't great right now.
Neither is another superior technology, SVG. But I still think the
only way to change things is to use the best technology and FORCE
the browser makers to comply with these standards. Otherwise the can
use the excuse: "But no one needs [SVG|PNG|MNG|Insert superior
un-patent-encumbered-non-closed technology here] support because
there's no content in that format". Meanwhile, us designers are
saying, "I'm not making content in the standards-supported superior
formats because the browsers don't support it well yet". Anyone else
detect an insidious pattern here?


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