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> I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but is there any way to get gif
> support for the Gimp? I currently do a lot of web development, and hope
> to switch to all-linux. My main issue right now is of course, no gif
> support. Currently browsers do not support PNG widely enough to use PNG
> instead. I am not above paying for a gif liscense, I just can't find any
> documentation on how to get gif support included.
> I'm running RH8 Psyche, which came with the latest version of the Gimp.
> Thanks,
> Clayton
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I have used png's in place of gif's on my Messianic E-Cards.com website as
I had to manipulate many of the images that came with the greeting card
script that I purchased.
The Gimp could save gif's but on requesting a license from unisys * (The
Gimp doesn't have a 'built in license') there demands were so extreme that
I switched everything to png.

I have just checked on our old computer with IE 4.0 and they all show up
wonderful! Granted they are basic png's with no fancy transparencies but
they work just fine.

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Mr. Ridley:

The license fee would be 1% of sales, minimum of $10,000 per year.  Please
provide a fax number to which we can sent the agreement.
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