On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 11:23:38PM +1300, Thomi Richards <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > The striking majority of browsers, not only IE on Windows. And PNG
> > can't do animations, which are very important. So GIF will need to
> > stay around for some time :(
> which ones exactly? as stated before, mozilla, netscape (the later
> versions), konqueror, even dillo works with png's.

That's a useless game. You can count the number of browsers supporting PNG
with one or two hands. Obviously there exist many more browsers.

Basically, that follows the "all the world is windows and linux"-way of
thinking, which is just as bad as "all the world is ie"-way of thinking.

Even most versions of the browsers (netscape, konquerer, and my more like
links, opera etc.) you cited don't support PNG, or not properly. And
probably none of them support MNG.

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