On 2002-12-23 at 0135.58 -0800, Joshua Thorin Messer typed this:
> Oh, wait when you wrote "Currently browsers do not support PNG
> widely enough to use PNG instead" you might have meant "Currently
> Internet Explorer on Windows..." in which you are correct. But guess
> what? If the net is full of alpha-transparent png files, IE will
> change quickly enough. They haven't implemented this standard YET
> because everyone is so quick to bow to their unholy monopoly. So why
> does IE on Mac have perfect support for png alpha channel and gamma
> adjustment? 
now that Patrick has helped me to clean up my front page, let me point
everyone again at the image there (created by lewing).

it is a transparent png.  in my experience, transparent png's are
viewable in Netscape4 and more modern Netscapes, IE, and Mozilla.  you
just have to be careful when saving it.  

this image is RGB, with the alpha channel (obviously).  the trick with
the stupid browsers is to give them a background color to use.  this is
accomplished in gimp by having your color choice set as the background
color in the gimptool box.  and the background color option in the png
save dialog toggled when saving.

that is as much as i will worry about browsers that cannot handle the
free file format.  so, if i ever use a multicolored background to a web
page, i will give the poor clueless blokes a nice solid color and not
use gif.  

unless i want an animation that works ....

i saved lewings image with #cccccc as the background color.  i still saw
some edges on some IE's. 

the css sucks on netscape4 -- i don't want to talk about that though.

good luck with these issues!

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