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On 2002-12-23 many people:
Talked about png images and web browser compatibility

please try this on your browsers

<body bgColor="blue">
<!-- This DIV is the target container for the image. -->
<DIV ID="oDiv" STYLE="position:absolute; left:140px; height:400; width:400;
src='put_here_a_png', sizingMethod='scale');" >

<IMG SRC="put_here_a_png" WIDTH="" HEIGHT="" BORDER=0 ALT="">

the first image is a png and is visible with IE 6.0.2800 at least including the alpha transparency. I do not know about the other versions. but it is not visible with mozzila 1.0.1

the second is visible on both but the alpha transparency works only with mozzila of course

Is there a way to tell the browser, if it is IE do that if it is mozzila do this, if it is other do another thing. if possible in css and not javascript ?

Happy holiday


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