On 2002-12-22 at 1342.00 -0800, zeus typed this:
> OK...what's make gimp 1.3 worth to use? Should i wait until stable version.
> Is the ne GIMP support CMYK color mode? Because i need CMYK for printing.
> Is there any page where i can view new things with GIMP 1.3??
truthfully, gimp-1.3 and gimp-1.2 crash about the same amount for me.
gimp-1.3 is a development package, you should save more.  gimp-1.2 is
acting up on me more and more lately.  i don't know enough about things
to follow up on my crashes.  but it does seem to be that the only thing
in common with all of them is X, which seems to be changing alot since
December 2000.  so, i use both and save often.

it is easy to run both gimps, the developers have been thoughtful about
this since sometime in the middle of the 1.1 series.  currently i have a
running gimp-1.0.2, gimp-1.1.10 (depends on how you define running for
that one though), gimp-1.2.4 (from cvs) and also a gimp-1.3.11 (also
from cvs).  i had to be careful when installing gimp-1.0.2 but the
others worked very nicely.  

i am pretty sure that the gimp they currently call stable will call
itself "gimp" and the rest can be started by asking for them by name
"/usr/local/bin/gimp-1.3" for me.

the dockable apps make it totally worth it, imo.  if i need some
function that gimp-1.3 lacks i pull up gimp-1.2.  they have moved some
of the Image and Layers menu items around, so it gets difficult to keep
that straight for me.  but the unstable gimp seems fairly stable to me,
just lacking some of the things i like to use.  also, more opinions need
to be expressed about the "color sliders on lsd" to the developers.

here are some urls of screenshots of gimp-1.3:
  dialog on lsd http://sven.gimp.org/colorscale.png
  a dock i haven't accomplished yet http://sven.gimp.org/foo.png
  a dock i have accomplished http://sven.gimp.org/toolbox-mockup.png
  the disappearing button borders
     http://sven.gimp.org/toolbox-relief.gif (note the file format, this
     is one of the biggest anti-gif people i know, but it is still the
     option for an animation if you want people to see it)
some bigger screen shots:
  http://carol.gimp.org/thefamily.png  (all the gimps i had running
                                        sometime ago)
  http://carol.gimp.org/screen-02-08-01.png (several of the dialogs
       before i figured out the docks and before the button boundries


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