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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-25 at 1127.35 +0000):
> > What is the schedule for Gimp 2.0?
> If what you want is dates, the old saying: when it is done [1].
> First is making 1.3 become 1.4 and then probably start a 1.5 or 1.9
> series that will become 2.0. 1.4 could appear by 2005... so you will
> be safe if you think 2.0 will be ready in 2010 [2]. :]
> 1: Serious, it is the way these projects work. Global ideas, but no
> fixed dates.  2: Joke, repeat with me: j-o-k-e.
Understood. The reference to Gimp 2.0 and CMYK is the closest thing to
a commitment to incorporate useful CMYK capability in Gimp that I
have come across. There are two markets, on-line stuff and printed
stuff. Without CMYK Gimp is limited to the first and effectively
locked out of the second. Hence it cannot be considered as a complete
Photoshop replacement no matter how many marvelous tricks it will do. 
CMYK is the one bold move that would make all the difference in

I hope for a world where the non-conformist can do whatever he/she
needs to do with free software. The only non-free program I use
regularly is called Mup, a music notation program I paid $29.00 for
many years ago. TeX means never having to buy InDesign or Quark for
typesetting. Gimp should mean never having to buy PhotoShop for book
covers. Until that happy day I will struggle along with Gimp +

I can't wait to 2010. I'm too old already.

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