Eric Pierce wrote:

> I've wondered for years if there's any way to
> perfectly strip an image from a solid colored
> background while maintaining any alpha channel info.
> Take this image for instance.
> The background is 100% white.  But there's some
> definate blending going on with the image border and
> with the image shadow.
> I played a bit with a layer of white using the
> different layer modes thinking one of them might
> cancel out the white effectively stripping out only
> the white, but to no avail.
> Anyway, this isn't pressing... just picking at my
> brain for some time.
> Thanks for any ideas!
> Eric P.

Well, you could use the "Colors/Color to Alpha Channel" filter to remove
the white, but that will remove TOOO much.  The way I would do it would
be to use the "magic wand" (Select continuous regions tool) to select
the continuous regions of the background color and then use "Edit/Clear"
to remove them.



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