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> >    convert sourcefile -filter mitchell -geometry <newgeometry> destfile
> ok,  I tried this....and I got an image that was not up to par with what can be
> done with Adobe's Image ready doing a similiar process.  However, with Gimp, I

Well, there are also other filters. Quadratic or Cubic should closely
emulate gimp's behaviour. But from the script I see that you are using
jpegs. I hope you are aware of the fact that jpegs can and do introduce
lots of pixel errors?

> Ok, if script-fu is not meant to be run from the command line without
> interaction....then why the batch mode option?

To run script-fu from the commandline. The fact that script-fu is broken
in lots of areas _currently_ does not mean it was designed to be broken ;)
OTOH, Simon Budig always explains to me that script-fu was not designed
for this kind of thing, and he knows a lot more about it.

> Based on the documentation I have seen, I should be able to call a script-fu
> function and everything should work.  That is not the case.

The script will (hopefully) enable some script-fu expert (not me) to
find the problem. Or maybe fix script-fu, if it really is the problem.

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