Check out they have had a couple of
good articles about Film Gimp also the project is hosted at do a search there and you should find it.


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> John Culleton wrote:
> > Yesterday I read an article about how Linux is the OS of choice for
> > film animation these days in the big studios. Someone has developed
> > a Gimp variant called by one of the names above (sorry, leaky
> > memory) which is the actual tool used. It is Gimp modified to
> > emphasize animation.
> >
> > I wonder if there is any conversation back and forth betweeen the
> > folks that update Gimp and this Hollywood group?
> Hi!  Is this article available online anywhere?  I would LOVE to read
> it!  :)
> Peace....
> Tom
Yes but I can't remember just where. It was in some linux online
newsletter and the title referred to Linux in the Animation Industry.
Should have made a note of it I know.

The basic content can be found at the site


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