On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 08:42:51AM +0000, sam ende wrote:
> On Thursday 09 January 2003 04:02, Jon Winters wrote:
> > Check the settings on your tile cache.  Mine is set to 128MB and I think
> > the default was a woefull 32MB.
> cache is set to 256, i wanted to do more but it wouldn't let me, well it 
> would but it sorta didn't work anymore then :)

As far as I know, on a single user machine, it makes sense to set the tile
cache to be as large as the free memory.  256Mb seems to be about right
for you as that is what's shown by "free" immediately after you reboot
(allowing a little spare for mailer, browsers, daemons, buffers etc).

I'm open to correction from the list, but I don't think there is any
advantage to setting the tile cache larger than free physical memory,
as the mem it uses will end up in the kernel swapfile anyway and will
have to be paged in and out for each and every operation on the image.

> it doesn't like it if you resize  a layer x2 but do x 12 by accident instead 
> :)

There is already a bug report requesting that Gimp trap that sort of error
(creating a too-large image running out of memory) rather than crashing.
I hope it will be fixed in 1.4 :-)

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