Hi all again,

As you've probably all guessed i am working on
animated pictures on the web. i am currently trying to
understand PNG and MNG (tutorials any one?).

But I have had success with GIFs. now these files
aren't the best thing to work with but at the time
being it shall do...

my question of the day is: how can i automate a number
of actions/operations in GIMP? I have been working in
a method that is taking FOREVER and all i'm doing is
taking a black-and-white graph of a function,
converting the colors, putting the result as a layer
mask on a colorful layer and finally merging all the
visible layers into one.

any ideas??

one idea my associate and i thought of was trying to
get the ASCII part of the gimp file that describes a
certain file's properties. this was nice in thoery but
not apllicable (binary file).

hope to hear from you all soon,

Ariel Kass

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