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> Here's some question from me.
> 1. How to costumize Gimp Interface in Linux?

GIMP uses GTK+, so it can use it's own gtkrc file to customize the
interface.  I think there are some prebuilt themes around, but I never use them.

> 2. Is Gimp providing "gamut warning" like in Photoshop?


> 3. How much layer, alpha channel gimp can handle?

I'm not sure there is a coded limit to the number of layers.  A cursory
look at the layer code doesn't show one that I can find, but maybe I'm
missing it. A practical limit will be based on canvas size and available
memory.  The larger the pixel dimensions, the more memory you'll need per
layer.  At least if you want to work moderately quickly and not wait for
data to be swapped between memory and disk constantly.

There is one alpha channel per layer.

> 4. Who create Gimp mascot?

Tigert -

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