I'm attempting to print a number of very long, narrow black and white line
art tiff images using the GIMP under Windows on my Epson Stylus Color 1520
printer, loaded with tractor feed paper.  Running into a couple of major

1. Original image is good quality, as can be seen when zoomed in on the
screen.  Document was scanned at 400dpi.  Printed output is very poor
quality, looks like it's printing at 100dpi or less.  The default resolution
for this printer and its Windows printer driver is 360dpi, and resolutions
up to 1440dpi can be specified.  Is there any way to improve the quality of
the printed image?

2. The maximum page length that I can specify for this printer is 44 inches,
but my document is longer than that.  When the GIMP gets to the end of the
first page, it simply quits printing, rather than continuing onto the next
page.  Apparantly the GIMP has no concept of images that are more than one
page in size.  Does anyone know of a reasonable way to work around this
issue?  Note that manually breaking the document up in to multiple sections
is NOT feasible, because I have literally hundreds of these documents to
work with.

Any helpful tips on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated!!!


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