[ I sent out a similar message before Christmas, but I'm hoping that 
sending this out again now that everybody's recovered might have a better 
chance of evoking a response.  For those seeing this twice, sorry. ]

I'm trying to get ttf fonts to work with gimp, but it seems like most of
the fonts that my users want to use are causing the "This is a 2-byte font
and may not display correctly." message to appear.  The "may not display"  
in the message seems to consistantly translate into "renders in image as a
tiny ugly font like the Windows System font".  Is there any workaround for
this?  We're using gimp 1.2.3 on RedHat 8.0.

I've searched the web for hours and submitted a bug to Red Hat (
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=80024 which includes
a detailed way to reproduce the problem) all without coming up with
anything.  I'm not afraid of cvs, compiling, patching, converting the
fonts somehow, or whatever, but I have no idea why it's happening or where
to begin.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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