Hi all,
        I have to problems with the gimp at the moment. I'll put the second in 
another message as its a little more complicated to explain. 

I'm working with large images, 14764 by 2953 pixels. Yes they do need to be 
this big. The machine used for the work has 1GB of RAM and a 1.9GHz Athlon 
processor. The number of undo levels in the gimp is set to three. Tile cache 
size is set to 512MB. Typical projects have two or three layers at any one 
time. After a while working I get the following gimp error messages after I 
tell it to do something. This message repeats often many times. The message 
box has an OK check.

"unable to seek to tile location on disk: 22
Message repeated ** times"

The command I've given gets carried out and nothing appears obviously wrong 
with the image after this message comes up.
Watching the resource usage by the gimp shows that memory usage is a little 
over 50% when this message starts to occur. Is this a ram problem, a hard 
disk one, or something else? 

I've been unable to find anything about this message in the documentation, or 
from a web search. Any idea what it means? The best way of preventing it? 

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