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> 53a.Can I use brushes from other software such as Photo Shop or Paint
>     Shop Pro with the GIMP?

It seems that there are two versions of brush files that are used by
Photoshop.  The earlier one is also used by Paint Shop Pro but the later
one is used only by Photoshop.

The good news for GIMP users is that there is a utility called abr2gbr
that can convert the earlier Photoshop brush files into GIMP format
brush files.  Unfortunately this utility is available only for Linux and
other Unix-like operating systems, although once the brush files have
been converted they can be used with the GIMP on other operating

One major difference between the Photoshop and GIMP brush files is that
while the Photoshop file can contain more than one brush, the GIMP
utilises a single file for each brush.  abr2gbr caters for this by
outputting multiple GIMP brush files when it converts a Photoshop brush
file that contains more than one brush.

abr2gbr can be downloaded from
Steve Crane
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