Hi all

I want to create a script-fu for the generation of a navigation menu for 
photo-album VCD's. 

Now my problem is that I want to load all images in a certain directory, 
perform some actions on them and put them together into a new image which has 
to become the navigation menu.
I tried opendir (as many did) but I (also) found out it isn't implemented in 
gimp-SIOD. So I searched a whole evening for a solution to know what files 
are in a specified directory, the only possible solution I found was a 
plug-in called "file-glob" which, according to Sven Neumann's reply on a 
message in the gimp-developer list at 24 Feb 2000, should be located in the 
plugin registry on the Gimp website. Sven mentioned this plugin again in 
another message in Dec 2001, and in both messages he is bringing up the 
question about adding the file-glob plugin into the distribution. I have Gimp 
1.2.3 but I can't find the plugin to be included in my distribution. I even 
can't find the plugin in the plugin registry on the Gimp website.

Can anyone help me out? I am looking for the file-glob plugin or another 
solution for getting to know what files are in a directory.

Thanks in advance!

Robin Roevens

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