I searched the archives for this, but can't find an answer.

I have a script which needs to make a layer mask in the shape of some
antialiased text.  I've tried many different ways, and now have
something that works except for one crucial step.  The step works if
done manually in the GIMP, but not if done via the script.

After the successful part of the script runs, I have the following

  <eye icon>  <image preview>  text layer
  <eye icon>  <image preview>  <mask preview> middle layer
  <eye icon>  <image preview>  background

The middle layer is active, and its mask is active.

At this point the script has copied the text layer using gimp-edit-
copy.  If I manually do Edit->Paste in the image window and click the
anchor icon in the Layers dialog it does what I want: It copies the
antialised text into the middle layer's mask.

However, if I try to do the same thing in the script using gimp-edit-
paste and gimp-floating-sel-anchor, the text always goes into the
middle layer's image (not its mask).  It even does this if I do the 
gimp-edit-paste in the script and the anchor manually.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?  I'm using Gimp-Python
(pygimp-1.2) for scripting, so a bug could be there or in the GIMP
(gimp-1.2.3) itself.

Any suggestions welcome.


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