I have the big pdf Gimp User's Manual.
I carefully followed the instructions to make a new brush.
On reloading, I get two messages.
One says that the brush can't be loaded.
The other says that the brush is in an unknown format.
Perhaps I misunderstood the line that says, "Move xxx.gbr to
your.gimp/brushes directory".
I did this manually, as Gimp doesn't offer me a path to a brushes directory.
I put the new brush in the same directory as the real brushes.

I wonder if perhaps my setup isn't right.
Inside Gimp I have four subdirectories called "bin," "etc", "lib", and
I had to drill down to find the brushes directory inside "share".
Share also contains a subdirectory with my name on it, and which contains
further subdirectories, all empty, with the same names as the ones in share,
plus a few extras.
I tried dragging the new brush into the brushes directory there, but I got
the same error message.
Please, what am I doing wrong? I'm flummoxed!

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