While installing Gimp-1.2.3 I encountered some warnings that I would
like to resolve.
During the ./configure:

    configure: warning: *** Help browser plug-in will not be built
(GtkXMHTML library not found) ***

I cannot locate this libary either through google or freshmeat.  Can
someone send me a URL?
Then, at the end of make:

    Warning: prerequisite Gtk 0.5 not found.

I have Gtk-1.2.10 installed and the configure/make found it.  What is
Also this:

    WARNING: unable to use PDL (the perl data language). This means that
         normal pixel access is non-functional. Unless you plan to use
         Tile/PixelRgn functions together with PDL, this is harmless.
         plug-ins using PDL, however, will NOT WORK and you can NO
         install PDL later. You can get PDL from any CPAN mirror.

was followed later by this:

    use'ing Gimp::PDL is no longer necessary, please remove it!

This sounds contradictory to me.

Thanks ahead for any help resolving these messages.

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