I am willem van der Walt.
My wife is using Gimp under our Redhat 7.3 box
with a creative graphics blaster agp display card with the Nvidia
chipset.  My wife says that there are far too few cullours available
in Gimp, according to the manual there should be lots and our Gimp, 
from the Redhat rpm, has only a few.
Nvidia has a linux driver which i have downloaded and installed on our 
This did not make any difference to this problem.
At the moment, i am also struggeling to get the new Epson perfection
1260 Photo scanner to scan.  \
There were some other differences between the Gimp we have and the one
the authors of GUM and Grokking the Gimp must have had when they wrote
the books.  Some of these i solved by getting and installing plugins.
Could some one point me to a resource where i can find answers for
these questions?
regards, Willem

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