perlotine is much better then guilotine. It will build the html for the web page as well as create the images. It also saves the images for you. If I recall, guilotine will break the image up into separate images, but you still have to save them by hand as well as create the html.

Jakub Steiner wrote:
On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 14:56, Erickson Delgado wrote:

hey folks,

is there any way to do adobe ImageReady's SLICES of an image for use in a web page over gimp?

help appreciated. thanks a lot.

In 1.2.x there is image>transforms>guilotine that will slice the image
along the guidelines. If you have gtk-perl, there is even a more
sophisticated script called perlotine that generates a proper html table
to put all the fragments back together.


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