Hi all,

I've got a bizarre problem that's a bit difficult to describe, but here goes:

GIMP only seems to want to display it's splash screen image in any new document that I try to create, or in any existing image I try to open (gif/jpg/png/etc...).

None of the tools seem to have their expected effect, instead they just modify the splash screen shown by repeating bits of it under the cursor.

I've posted an example here:


All I did was created a new document, added a new layer that should be all white and selected a small rectangle and chose to fill it. Notice in the screen shot that not even to the fore/background color wells show the colors that they should be...they're parts of the splash screen as well.

I'm just beginning with Gimp, so I don't know a lot about it, but I think that the fact that the Xtns->Module Browser window doesn't list any modules...so I'm thinking that Gimp just doesn't know how to render anything without them? However, Xtns->Plugin Details does list all the plugins I think one would expect with a vanilla install of the Gimp.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

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