Fred Bazolo wrote:
On Sunday 23 February 2003 11:43, Gregory Propf wrote:

According to the manual on the website the "Paste as New" option on the
Edit menu copies all layers into the new image.  This does not appear to
be the case.  For me the gimp only copies the topmost layer into the new
image.  Also, the "multiselect" option mentioned in that same section of
the manual does not appear to exist at all.  I am using Gimp 1.2.3
installed from the RPM that comes with RedHat 7.3.  Does anyone know
what's wrong?

In my experience, when using "paste as new" you get the selected layer only. If you want more then the selected layer, or all the layers, merge the layers you're interested in, or merge all layers, or flatten image. Then copy and paste as new. Then undo whatever it is you did to the first image to arrive back to it's original condition, if you care to.


I need to preserve the layering. The layers are frames of a movie. I want to create a "Brady Bunch" effect with 9 copies of the animation in a larger image. I could copy each layer and place 9 copies of it individually but that would take too long. The manual is quite clear that ALL layers are copied individually but the program doesn't behave this way. And what of the "multiselect" option. Is the manual for the development version or something? It really seems that they are talking about features that just don't exist. Also, the wording of the options seems a little different from what the program has. Something is going on here.

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