Hago Ziegler wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem with the outline of a scanned scripture.
> The scripture was made with a pencil - therefore it is not compact and
> quite rough.
> You can see a part of it as an example on
> http://www.hagoschaos.de/gi27/line.html
> Image 1 shows the lines, how they are now.
> Image 2 shows, how I want them to be.
> This little part I made by hand, but I cant do that with about 60 words.
> So, how could I do it?
> Regards    Hago

I do not know if it will be perfect, but I think this could be a step in the
good direction.
Select->By color, then grow the selection (Select->Grow) by a number of
pixels, and shrink it by the same number afterwards. It is kind of a cheap
erosion-dilatation or dilatation-erosion.

This correponds also more or less to the use of blur filter on the channel
corresponding to the selection. But this is more complicated to do.

The other way would be to use a filter like a closing filter of the ipx

If you use windows gimp, these opening/closing filters are in Filters->IPX
(you need to install the additional filters). They were previously here
(page of Jernej Simoncic) but I can't find them anymore :-/
Maybe they have ben integrated  in the main archive?



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