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* Malcolm Turnbull <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030304 09:27]:

> But I was wondering if it was possible for GIMP to save the background 
> colour as transparent ? (It seems to allow only solid colours)

It will save as tranparent if you erase the part you want to be
transparent. Open the layer dialog box and right click on the
backgroud layer. Add an alpha channel. It won't work if you don't have
an alpha channel. Then make your selection and be sure the part you
want transparent is the selection. Use the erase tool of the
selection. It should reveal the checkerboard underneath. That's
transparency. Then save as a PNG. I do this all the time.

> PhotoShop seems to be able to do this and those PNGs work fine in IE6 
> (not sure about others)
> Ps. It would be nice if the freehand selection tool allowed you to 
> select straight lines rather than guessing all the time, i.e. for 
> cutting out a box shape at an angle..

I'll look for the answer to this one, too.
> I'm pretty ignorant of how to use gimp and even worse and photo shop so 
> flame me if I'm talking rubish..

I've actually written a tutoria for the gimp. If you'll email off-line
maybe we could figure a way to get it for you.


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