The "Dynamic Text" tool also works well with Windows fonts on Linux.



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On 2003-03-07 at 1033.54 -0600, Lars von dem Ast typed this:
> GIMP (1.2.3) can't see my new True Type fonts in RH8.0 that I added*.
> I've got them up for all other apps (Mozilla, etc.), but GIMP only sees
> the original fonts.
> *here's how I added new fonts:
> -create /usr/share/fonts/"true-type font dir" as root
> -move ttf's there
> -go to the new directory and run mkfontdir
> -run ttmkfdir -o fonts.dir
> -run /usr/sbin/chkfontpath -add /usr/share/fonts/"true-type font dir"
> -run /etc/init.d/xfs restart
> Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

i have had a heck of a time with fonts.

for gimp-1.2 i suggest getting the gimp-freetype plug-in from  get 0.2.  there is a configure button there
that will find the fonts for you (i bet).

i have yet to find ttf with the other text tools in gimp-1.2.

good luck

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