Ncus wrote:

> OK..maybe someone else in the previous post already asking about this.
> where i can find utilities for saving to GIF.
> Thanks..

Gimp can save as gif. Just either do
1) Image->mode->indexed then File->Save as and chose GIF in the available
2) File->Save as and chose "by extension" in the file type. Type a file
name ending by ".gif" will do the trick.

However, if you use windows build of Gimp, you may need to install first
the gif/tiff plugins using LZW. More details are given here
(additional packages) and on pages for the windows build.
Unfortunately, at present, does not answer, so I cannot tell you
exactly th page URL to look at.

If you are looking for other software to save as gif, imagemaick is
usually a must have on Unices (see ), and there
ar many graphics programs to use on unices. For windows, my personal pick
is Irfan Viewer (google for the exact page URL), and Xnview work on the
two systems Windows and GNU/Linux.



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