I have a simple script-fu which gimp-file-load's an image and gimp-file-save's
it back out, unchanged.  Eventually, it will do something useful, but for now
it's a sanity check of my (mis)understanding of script-fu.  It works for gif,
but on jpg the result looks as if the quality is 0.  I thought Gimp would use
some reasonable default quality.  If I change the script to interactively
gimp-file-save (0 not 1), then the save dialog does specify a quality of 
0.75 and the jpg looks fine.  I can't use file-jpeg-save because I can't
assume jpeg.  I can't use the interactive save because this will be applied
to many images, probably via the script-fu server (from scheme).  For now
I'm testing using the script-fu console.

I'm running Gimp 1.2.3-4 from the RedHat 7.3 distribution.


Ron Stanonik

(define (script-fu-readwrite filename)
    ((image (car (gimp-file-load 1 filename filename)))
     (layer (car (gimp-image-active-drawable image))))
    (gimp-file-save 1 image layer filename filename)))

    SF-STRING "Filename:" "/tmp/crumb.jpg"

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