Description: GIF support for the GNU Image Manipulation Program This package includes GIF support for The GNU Image Manipulation Program. These files are not freely available; their use is disallowed by the UNISYS patent on LZW compression. . Use at your own legal risk. Enhances: gimp1.2

mmm kind of looks like its illegal to use, wouldn't be bothered but was
intending to use it for commercial work .....

Any idea when the patent runs out !


Theres no patent on the GIF format. Only LZW is patented. For some detail on the situation see

All royalties on the LZW patent are paid by the software companies that use it in their applications and not by end users, commercial or not, so as long as you don't write "Made with The Gimp" on your work no-one will come after you with a big stick.


Denis McCauley

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