On Monday 17 March 2003 09:28 am, Judy Wilson wrote:
> We have recently uploaded a tutorial for beginners with The Gimp. There
> is an html version and one you can download and open in OOo Writer.
> The images used are also there to download. This was written to start
> from the beginning, but there are some basics about several things.
> You can find it on
> www.linux.bz
> The links to The Gimp are clearly marked.
> I started with Grokking the Gimp and could have used some things a
> little more basic, though I learned a lot! Still learning. I love it!
> We're promoting open source in Belize!
> Judy Wilson

Still, a pdf file would have been nice. Downloading the images separately,
downloading and installing Open Office, and then combining the two may turn 
off some newbies. 

I use Abiword (free) and TeX (free) for my textual work. 

John Culleton

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