There used to be a gimp plugin called panorama tools that was used to
warp and stitch images together. This was designed for panoramic
photography. It has evolved since into a standalone system and I'm not
sure if the gimp plugin side of it still works. These tools are about
the best and most versatile warping and stitching software available and
they are free. Be warned though, the learning curve is steep. Getting
them to work on Linux is a trial. People have written gui front ends for
Windows and Mac that simplify their use a lot. There are also various
tutorials available on the web. There is a useful mailing list too. 

See for the core panorama tools.
A web search on panorama tools will bring up a lot of stuff.

I use it extensively, and use the gimp to tidy up the resulting
panoramic picture. 

Hope this helps.


On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 06:29, Alf C Stockton wrote:
> Is there any way to stitch photos together using the gimp ?
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