On Sunday 30 March 2003 12:56 pm, Bob Lockie wrote:
> Does the Linux have a print buffer?
> I had the wrong printer selected in the GIMP-print plugin (4.3.12)
> and I printed something.
> Now everytime I turn on my computer and printer my printer prints
> crap and won't stop (so I turn the printer off).

What Linux are you using and what print facility?  Cups or lprng?  Yes, 
there is a print queue and you might be able to start your print 
manager program to remove the offending file.  Otherwise, you will have 
to go find the queue file and remove it.  Mine are located at 
/var/spool/lpd and if you are using cups, then remove any .cf, .df or 
.hf files to clear the queue.

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