On 2003-04-05 at 2123.15 -0500, Narramore typed this:
> The impression that I have gotten about GIMP is that it is second to none 
> for web graphics but when it comes to print that others are better suited.
> I need to make a cover for a book and am considering whether I should 
> attempt to do so with GIMP or if I would be much better off using some 
> other program for the job. I don't think I really need state-of-the-art, 
> just something that will look good. This is for an initial print run and if 
> the book does well I may hire a pro next time around.
> Any suggestions on other image editors? If GIMP is not the choice for print 
> media I will probably try to buy a non-current (meaning older and cheap) 
> version of Photoshop or Illustrator, etc. on eBay.
one of the gimp authors is active on this list off and on.  he made his
cover with The GIMP and detailed it to this list last june:
there is some more information if you follow the thread some.

there is a thumbnail of the cover here:

good luck

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