On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 10:30:29AM +0100, Jonathan E. Paton wrote:
> Retake the screenshot, after reducing the size of the window.

If you look at what the screenshot is of, you will notice that I can't 
make the window much smaller since that would hide information, or pack it 
very tightly.

> At 52Kb, the image size is satisfactory for broadband/LAN users.
> If the image is to be used on the web, why not consider using
> the image size attributes of HTML to automatically rescale the
> image?

No, that's not what the image is for.  I am writing a small manual on the 
use of OpenOffice Writer.  It has many screenshots and together they do 
add up.

> You could also reduce the colour depth without any noticable
> drop in quality.  Applications usually keep to a 256 colour
> default pallet.

Yeah, I was thinking to do that.  Thanks.

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