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> i'm kind of new to the list , but have been useing gimp since redhat
> 5.2 cameout. i was wondering if people who are on the development team
> could refine the gimps polygon lasso tool a bit more to be able to
> interact with the box selecton tool, and the circle selection to to
> eather crop the selection, or add, and subtract from the selection. i
> have noticed that when i try makeing lower 3rds for T.v. i start off
> with a rectangle select tool, and then use the polygon select tool to
> subtract or add parts to the selection, but on the gimp it is not
> seeming to work that well.

Someone else already pointed you to the relevant section of the manual
that explains how to combine selections. However I'm not sure if I
understood your question correctly since you are not using the GIMP
terminolgy. Which tool are you actually talking about? Please have a
look at the tool name as shown in the tool options dialog. I assume
you are referring to the "Intelligent Scissors" tool?!

> also something that might also help alot of people who have to work
> with photoshop on a daily basis, is if for hte icon of the polygon
> select to you could use something simular to the lasso icon that
> photoshop uses?

It is not our goal to make the GIMP a 100% clone of Photoshop.
Actually most of the GIMP developers don't ever use Photoshop.

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