Hello I am thinking about a new Gnu/Win/Linux distribution called
Promise Linux (Details in:

1)One of my questions is if there would be any way of installing TheGimp
in both Windows and Linux without having to copy the compiled libraries
twice in the cdrom.

For installing a program you usually need an installer (which may be a
linux one or a windows one) and the libraries associated to the program.
Are these libraries valid in both Windows and Linux? So that I can save
space on my cdrom.

2) I want to automatize TheGimp Windows installation, such as editing a
config file or passing arguments to its installer. Could you please
explain me it a little bit or give some manual url or whatever?

3) Is there any way of installing TheGimp in Windows but running a Linux
installer?... Or at least using wine or whatever. I mean not running an
exe file but running a Linux script or whatsoever.

4)In my project Promise Linux one of the objectives is that Windows

TheGimp Configuration and Linux TheGimp Configuration should be the

The idea is one partition for windows, another for linux and another one
(fat32) for shared configuration. So that I install TheGimp in Windows
and I install TheGimp in Linux and I want both of them to share its

4.1)The question is: Does TheGimp store its configuration in

    4.1.a) a single file? 4.1.b) a single folder?

    4.2) Do I have to edit some TheGimp files (both in Linux and
windows) in order to let it know where the new configuration file/folder
is located.

    (Of course I am supposing using the same TheGimp version in both
Windows and Linux)

Thank your your patience and your time. Thank you.


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