On Saturday 07 June 2003 12:14, Tom Williams wrote:
> Has anyone tried "MosfetPaint":
> http://www.mosfet.org/mosfetpaint/status/index.html
> If so, how do you think it compares with the Gimp?  The author
> acknowledges that the Gimp isn't a _paint_ app, like he's apparently
> developing.
> I was just curious as to your thoughts on MosfetPaint.  :)
> Peace...
> Tom

If Mosfet doesn't follow thru with this program anymore than he did 
PixiePlus, there won't be much use to giving it a try either.  He seems 
to have moods in his programming and given the right execuse, may get 
his ball and just go home leaving everyone wondering and waiting.

It would certainly be nice to have a simple paint program, kinda like 
DeluxePaint was on the Amiga, to use in Linux also.  Really surprised 
we haven't seen more out of Krayon either, it was looking very nice.

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