due to a series of good plans, good taste and a bunch of accidents and
good calls, i have finally managed to accumlate all of the tools that a 
15 to 25 year old could use to have fun and show off with their 

i at least managed to do this before i turned 42.

now i am trying to organize some of the young adults i know into helping
me grab some of the teenagers who are hanging out where i work and get
them to play with these tools of mine.  

i would like to start testing the Creative Commons License out.  I had
some good luck on my website with this sort of approach to sharing and
selling art; i would like to do it again.  And it would be nice if it
could be one of these kids, right now they are just hanging out,
bowling and or shop lifting.  better to help me to test drive a licence
out, i think.

i really need some help organizing.  i am asking this list to help me
with a plan for me to follow.  right now, i fiddle with each toy a
little each day, and i am not getting anywhere.

can anyone help me settle down and find some order to all this stuff?


The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.
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