On 2003-04-08 at 0933.45 -0600, jd typed this:
> Hello,
>  So I have been looking through the GIMP users archive to learn how to 
> use the GIMP for printed art..like a papmlet or flyer. It looks like
> I need to set the following options in the prefs..
> 1. uncheck "DOT for DOT" or check it...Im confused on exactly what this
> does
> 2. set default dpi to 300  ..so when i open jpegs they will be at 300dpi
> not 72...right?
> 3. save in tiff format
> is this correct and is there anything im missing?

i am somewhat confused on dot for dot also.

when i have prepared images for the printer, i make sure that there are
physically 300 pixels for each printed inch.  i use my calculator
(although File -->New  and <Image> Image ->Scale can do a lot of the

for instance, if you need something to print on 4x6 inches (photograph
for instance)  then the image ideally would be 1200 x 1800 pixels.  an
additional quarter of an inch (or 5mm) for bleed and cut problems.

also, it was better for me to know which machine or company would be
printing my image.  that way, you would know what would be best for
that particular printing.

check with the printer also for the file format.  save your image in an
xcf until you know which format is best.  i always asked about png, and
they were always positive about this.  i was working for a photographer
who leaned toward traditional well known formats, so we used tiff.  has
some issues though in the free world.


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