On Saturday 12 April 2003 01:19 pm, Dave Selby wrote:
> I have a web site almost written, a lot of GIFs in it, cant use PNGs
> because IE does not recognise PNG transparencies. GIFs made by GIMP
> techniacally illegal.
> Can anyone recommend a cheap windows program that is legal to produce
> GIFs so I can load my GIMP GIFs into it and save from it in nice
> legal format ?
> Somehow I dont want to pay 500 for photoshop !
> Dave

Certainly you would be better off to use png files as they are a much 
better format than gif.  No matter what you produce a GIF with on any 
platform now, they are subject to a royality charge by Unisys.  As 
Daniel mentioned about non-commercial use, that is the information I 
have heard too, but why take the chance?

IE should be able to view PNG files now as most modern browsers can.  
You could always add a note to your site:  "Best viewed with anything 
but IE" and maybe get a message across to users of the inferior 
browser!  ;o)

Bottom line is that any GIF file, no matter how it is produced, is 
subject to royality fees.

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