I have spent hours upon hours trying to figure out how to install some new fonts for use with GIMP. Open Office Writer now recognizes them but not GIMP.

I am running GIMP 1.2.3 under Red Hat Linux 8 and the Gnome desktop. The fonts are on a CD from the FontSite and are available as both Type 1 and True Type.

The font CD was intended for Mac or Windows so there were no fonts.dir files with them. Since the Type 1 fonts were in 157 separate folders which I didn't want to add individually to the X Font Server path and create individual fonts.dir files for each one I instead created a folder in /usr/share/fonts for the True Type fonts which were all in one folder on the CD. After all the instructions didn't work I just tried something else and they do show up in Open Office Writer (on screen at least, I didn't think about trying to print anything).

Does anyone have any ideas on getting GIMP to find them?



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