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> Of course I did, or rather, I decided to upgrade gimp-print from
> source when gimp complained about not finding it or being a too old
> version, I don't remember which. (it was gimp-print-4.2.5 I tried to
> compile)
Ok, from your earlier mail it sounded as if because the notice mentioned 
compiling gimp print too, you just naturally assumed it had to be done 
as well.  As only an almost 2 year newbie in Linux, I tend to think of 
things as a newbie still.  ;o)
Sounds like you may have a bit more experience and checked the things 
you needed too, before starting.

> Yes, I've understood that now, and I probably should in advance too -
> but did I understand it correctly that the gimp-prints shipped with
> distributions are too complex to compile on your own, and if you want
> for example, gv to work under redhat, you will need the gimp-print
> rpm anyway? As I understood it, gimp-print readme discouraged from
> attempts to compile it for ghostscript functionality.
> Still I'm wondering, what would have been the correct way of action?
> Informing gimp of the precense of gimp-print from rpm, and having it
> compile in the first place?
> /CJ

Ok, therein lies your problem, you are using Redhat!  :o)

Only joking, but it sounds like an older version at least.  Might have 
been a good idea to update that first then try to compile the Gimp.  I 
understand all too well about starting a compile and getting errors 
because you missed a -devel package to install.  Little things like 
that tend to help you learn though.  I have gotten to the point I just 
try to install all the -devel files now though, then you are less 
likely to have problems later.

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