Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> And now the gimp (1.2.3 according to the help screen) cannot load 
> them, any of them, claiming something is out of range.
> PNM: invalid maximum value

The PNM files either specify a maximum value of 0 (unlikely) or larger
than 255. The latter is not actually invalid but not supported by the
GIMP PNM plug-in. You can easily check your files by looking at them
in a text editor. The PNM family of file formats has a human readable
header which is explained in the ppm(5) man-page.

> So what do I do to fix this?  I made the mistake of telling the missus 
> it was a piece of cake :(

Well, adding support for 2-byte per channel PNM files to the plug-in
would be a piece of cake for any half-way experienced C hacker. If you
don't fit into that category, why don't you use xsane directly from
The GIMP instead of going through PNM files? Alternatively you could
use one of the file formats that XSane supports (like PNG).


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