On Friday 13 June 2003 20:38, Gene Heskett wrote:
>On Friday 13 June 2003 20:12, Sven Neumann wrote:
>>Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> And now the gimp (1.2.3 according to the help screen) cannot load
>>> them, any of them, claiming something is out of range.
>>> PNM: invalid maximum value
>>The PNM files either specify a maximum value of 0 (unlikely) or
>> larger than 255. The latter is not actually invalid but not
>> supported by the GIMP PNM plug-in. You can easily check your files
>> by looking at them in a text editor. The PNM family of file
>> formats has a human readable header which is explained in the
>> ppm(5) man-page.
>>> So what do I do to fix this?  I made the mistake of telling the
>>> missus it was a piece of cake :(
>>Well, adding support for 2-byte per channel PNM files to the
>> plug-in would be a piece of cake for any half-way experienced C
>> hacker. If you don't fit into that category, why don't you use
>> xsane directly from The GIMP instead of going through PNM files?
>> Alternatively you could use one of the file formats that XSane
>> supports (like PNG).
>That has apparently taken a vacation here.
>Humm, I thought I had that working, but its apparently an older
>version of that plugin, xsane asks me to accept the license, then
>scans, but doesn't find any devices.  xsane itself runs just fine
>from an applet icon.  Or there are rpm leftovers of xsane.  Yup, it
>says its 0.84, and I have the 0.91 tarballs installed.  ^%%$%$
>up2date, I thought I had it trained, but its a forgetfull puppy.
>But rpm -qa|grep xsane comes up blank so I cannot blame it on
> up2date.
>Where is that puppy?, I'll nuke it and replace it with the lastest
>xsane-0.91 pluggin. I assume its still sitting in the src dir for

Humm, on second check, I have the sane 1.10, and xsane-0.90 stuff 
installed here.  I nuked the /usr/bin/xsane-gimp file so gimp can't 
find the xsane launcher now, but 2 make cleans, 2 make distcleanss, 2 
reconfigures of xsane which report that the plugin is enabled, and 
two makes and installs have not re-installed that plugin.  And 
according to locate, that xsane-gimp file was a unique name.  So I've 
no idea howto force an install of the new plugin for xsane-0.90.

Did anyone else have a similar problem?

>Thanks, Sven

Cheers, Gene
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