GIMP 1.2.5 has found it's way on to the FTP site:

This is a minor bugfix release. Notably the build error in gimp-remote has
been fixed.

The following bugs were fixed (thanks to Dave Neary for compiling this list):

Bug #   Description
------  -----------
17904   Off-by-one in selection boundary preview
69773   drawing slim lines with a 1x1 brush has issues
82763   xbm plugin emits malformed xbms
87687   ImageMap should use lowercase tags and escape attributes
104693  Scaling down a small image loses some pixel data
107402  Dissolve blend mode not consistent
110014  Display problems with selection border and image border
113425  Build fails at gimp-remote.c
113445  imagemap cannot re-read its maps
113610  Van Gogh plug-in always creates new image
113639  canvas shrinks when exporting PNG with 'save a copy'
113835  Layers can't be moved using the cursor keys if NumLock is
114225  Parameter settings in filters->render->pattern->grid swapped
114396  gimp_image_set_linked / gimp_image_set_visibility problems
114419  Script-Fu: Alchemy/Unsharp Mask produces incorrect results
114913  TARGA (TGA) 16 images with alpha channel are displayed strangely

Contributors: Sven Neumann, Raphael Quinet, Michael Natterrer, Adam Moss, Tor
Lilliqvist, Maurits Rijk, Pedro Gimeno, Henning Makholm, Yohei Honda.

More details, as usual, in the ChangeLog.

Happy GIMPing,
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